Admin Login – 192.168.l.l Router Login Password Admin Password: This IP address is used by the routers like TP-Link, Netgear, D-Link uses it as the default IP address. The Admin Password will help you to login to any router. There are strong ruoters to access the admin of this address to let the network administrators access their routers and networks. admin password belongs to the IP address of the C class address, belonging to the reserved IP. It is especially useful for router settings.

6-300x162 Admin Login - 192.168.l.l Router Login Password

When you enter the admin password, you can change any modifications in the router configuration.  After getting the access to the management panel, the settings and configurations can be modified. After accessing the admin control panel, and through the default IP address you can also change the username and password. Through the control panel, you can also change the default IP address, username and password for security issues. 

 Login to a Router  Using Admin Password

You can access your router through admin password. Moreover, it will also allow you to change the settings ans configurations of the router. So, below are the steps that will help you to login to a wireless router.

6-300x162 Admin Login - 192.168.l.l Router Login Password


  • First, you open your browser in the system or any other device.
  • Then type the in the address bar or simply click on it.
  • If the login page doesn’t open or you get any error then it is not your IP address.
  • Then find your router IP address by typing ipconfig in the command prompt.
  • Once you know your router IP address, you will be directed to the user login panel.
  • Now, you can enter the username as admin and password as admin in the router login details. If you do not remember the details check them from the below table.
  • The below information is useful when you haven’t changed the default username and password that comes with your router.
  • Once, you are in the router’s admin panel, you can modify all internet settings.

Therefore, follow the above steps to login to a router using admin password. Moreover, you can also refer the below details to login.

Default Router Passwords List of IP Address

For the benefit of the users, we have provided the Usernames and Passwords of various routers that are currently available.In the above table, we have left some columns empty which means you no need to type anything in that option. So, type the username and the password details from the below table. You can also login through the admin password. And you can also share this information with your friends which may be useful to them also.6-300x162 Admin Login - 192.168.l.l Router Login Password

     Brand of             Router
              Login IP               Username             Password
 D-Link admin  
 TP-Link admin admin
 Netgear admin password
 Linksys admin admin
 3Com admin admin
 Digicom          user password
Sitecom admin admin
 BenQ admin admin

 Admin Wireless Settings: The IP address is the default IP address of many of the routers. Many of the hardware manufacturers also use this address to manage their network setup or to build a network. The IP Address Admin Wireless Settings is also very important for the better security of the wireless network. You can also change this IP address through the management console. But it is better not to modify the address to make the whole network work smoothly.

6-300x162 Admin Login - 192.168.l.l Router Login Password

Some of the other users use as their default IP address for their routers. It is based on your choice to use any of these or IP addresses. But you should change the Admin Wireless Settings at least once in a while. So, go through the entire article get the steps for Admin Wireless Settings. Let’s have a look at the below sections.

How to Login in Easy steps

Accessing the  IP address Admin Wireless Settings will allow you to change the settings and configurations that your router software provides. Below are the steps for how to login to, which might help you to access the router IP address.

6-300x162 Admin Login - 192.168.l.l Router Login Password


  1. First, open the browser and enter in the browser’s address bar.
  2. You may also enter the site by clicking here
  3. If you are getting an error, the is not your router’s IP address.
  4. Once you know the router’s IP address, introduce it into your browser’s URL address.
  5. Then you will be directed to the user login panel. There you will find router user and password.
  6.  Even if you forgot your username and password, you could recover them.
  7. Once you are in the router’s admin panel, you will be able to modify and change all security settings.

 Steps for Admin Wireless Settings

According to many surveys on the network intrusion,  which is making the wireless routers not corresponding to the Admin Wireless Settings. Here are a few basic Admin Wireless Settings that can help you stay away from most of the threats.

6-300x162 Admin Login - 192.168.l.l Router Login Password

Disable DHCP features

DHCP is nothing but Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The general router DHCP is enabled by default. So that all the wireless devices within the signal range can automatically assign to the IP address. It causes a great security risk to the router users.  An attacker can easily get a lot of information about your router by distributing the IP address. Therefore you should disable the DHCP feature.

Check Out:

Wireless encryption

The wireless AP or router has WEP encryption. This WEP includes both the 64-bit and 128-bit encryption type. As long as you enter 10 or 26 x 16 strings as an encrypted password can protect your wireless network. The WPA make networks more secure and reliable. You Should note that wireless router wireless encryption is turned off when they go out.  But if you give up this function, then your network is a network of severe insecurity, so you should enable this feature.

Turn off SSID broadcasting

The SSID is the name of your wireless network access. When you are searching for a wireless network, your network name will appear in the search results. Once an attacker tries to leverage common initialization string to connect to a wireless network, it may cause extremely vulnerable to your wireless network. Therefore, you need to turn off the SSID broadcasting as a Admin Wireless Settings.

Set the IP Filtering and MAC Address List

Since the network card’s of each MAC address is unique, you can increase security by setting the MAC address list. After enabling the IP address filtering feature, only IP addresses in the list of MAC users can access the wireless network.

Hence, you can change the Admin Wireless Settings for better security to your route. 

http admin – Router Login Issues

While we are using a laptop or notebook to setup wireless network with a wireless router, we sometimes experience the Router Login issues with its default IP address (usually we type or at the address bar of a browser), the webpage shows nothing or an error page, what is the problem and how does it happen?

6-300x162 Admin Login - 192.168.l.l Router Login Password

Root Causes For This Router Login Problem To Occur

Let’s analyze what will lead to this Router Login problem that we can’t open our router’s management page :

  1. Check whether your laptop or notebook is connected to your router’s wireless network.
  2. Your computer is connected to other man’s router. This kind of situation sometimes happens when your computer has been connected to another router before, just try to re-connect to your own router.
  3. Your router’s default IP is changed to other IP address. In this case, you can take a look at the result of running ‘ipconfig’ command or ‘ifconfig’ command (linux version) and keep in mind of the default gateway which shows up, then re-enter the gateway IP.
  4. Check whether input error causes the problem.

6-300x162 Admin Login - 192.168.l.l Router Login Password

Incorrect IP Address in URL Bar

Many of us sometimes enter wrong IP address at the address bar of a browser. In the computer world, even a subtle error will cause a problem, sometimes we just type the IP address too fast and didn’t pay a close attention. Following error addresses won’t take you to the right page of your router:










192.168.l.l(the last two digits are 1, not the letter L)







168. 1. 1 (there is some space between the dots) (IP address does not end with a dot)

http.// (http. // should be written as http://, with a colon, not a dot)

Please remember, the correct method of accessing your router is to enter http: // or (most of the time ‘http’ can be omitted, you can input directly with or And please also note that different brands of routers have different default management IP addresses which you can refer to my previous article, and these routers always allow you to modify the default address. You can also refer to the specific address mentioned in your router’s manual if you still have it. And there’s another point I need to mention, in general the address’ default port is 80, while we visit the address, we always omit the port number (full address is, if you’ve modified the port number, you need to enter the complete address, for example, http: //

What to do while we still can’t visit

if there is no mistake of typing the default gateway address? The following step is very simple:

Check whether the result of “ping” is OK.

If we can’t access, the browser won’t show any result or return a 404 error, this means there’s a problem somewhere, we can ping the router’s IP to check whether there’s a problem with the network connection. This step is pretty simple if you know a little basic computer knowledge, just open a command window and type ‘ping’, then hit ‘Enter’. If the window shows words including ‘time out’, it means you can’t connect to, your router’s default gateway address might be other digits. But, there are still some factors might cause the ping step failure:

  • The router is not powered on.
  • The cable connecting your computer and router is broken
  • Your computer’s firewall disables access to your router’s IP address It’s easy to solve the problem by removing some related rules according to the firewall settings.
  • The last problem might be the signal of your wireless router. If your computer is too far from your router or there are several walls or some metal stuffs between them, the router’s signal weakens a lot, then your computer might lose the connection. Admin Login

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