by http Admin Login Password Hey!…Are you familiar with the IP address of a router? This IP address is very useful to change the settings of a wifi router. The routers like D-Link, Netgear, Linksys routers use the same IP address to Login. When you enter this IP address in your browser, a new page will display. So, you can enter the required username and password into your router. After logging in, you can change set a new username and password. Furthermore, settings like security settings, Qos, Proxy, system administration, WLAN configuration, LAN, DNS, etc. Moreover, you can also block anyone who is using your internet network without your permission.2-300x162 http Admin Login Password

You can reach the administrative console by clicking on this link in the browser. The other way is to copy and paste this address into the search bar, and press enter. The password setting process is so simple, and need to be careful while setting the new username and password. Because, you should not confuse with the new password and old password, which may result in any problems in the router. Moreover, we provide you the advantages of logging into a router using IP address. Therefore, go through the article and get the information which is very useful in router troubleshooting problem.

 Advantages of the IP Address Login

Every user will try to know only about the Login details like username and password using But there are also some advantages out of them. Therefore, just read this section to know the advantages of using this address.2-300x162 http Admin Login Password


  • The two different users can use this address if they belong to the same network. This process is one of the great benefits of these routers.
  • You can separate the DHCP servers and additional switches if you want to use this IP address. Then your router will work properly to do different tasks.
  • You can also manage the functions of your router using this IP address, which helps in easy transfer of data.
  • Moreover, you can also use this address as the default gateway. It is the default gateway for the D-Link and Netgear wifi routers.
  • Therefore, anyone who is having wifi routers of the above company can use this IP address to change their network settings.
  • You can also configure a local network to wifi routers by this IP.
  • Whenever you forget the username and password, just press the reset button which is on the backside of the router.
  • After pressing the button, all the settings will change to default settings so that you no need repeat the process to use the internet.

Troubleshooting With IP Address

Sometimes we face the problem of troubleshooting with the router. It may be due to any reason. Some of the reasons for troubleshooting are provided below. Go through each instruction.2-300x162 http Admin Login Password

  • When two users are using the same IP address within the network there is a probability for malfunctions to occur. Therefore, the IP address should be assigned to only one user to avoid the problems.
  • Sometimes, we may mistype the address as 192.168.o.1. When the network stops working, then you need to check the IP first.
  • Typing 192.168.o.1 is the situation you may mistype the correct IP. 
  • If you want to protect from any hacking you need to check the settings. Address Configuration

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